Burlap2Cashmere implies that style can be cut from any cloth. From high-end labels to low-end labels, its all about the individual and personal style. We are encouragers of finding that style that makes you well... YOU!    

Within our shop we do our best to bring you the latest in trends at competitive prices but also quality in the product and experience. We scour and we plan for countless hours to provide whats current but not readily available everywhere else. Plus, we add our Foo Foo touch to everything!

What is Foo Foo you may ask?! It's a catch phrase boss lady and her girlfriends used to say in place of fancy or frilly and became more of a girl power type thing thru the years. We use it for everything that's feminine yet bad-ass. We welcome you to join the Foo Foo University. 

"Choose Positivity, Choose to be yourself. Choose to make a fashion Statement." 


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